Sunday, July 26, 2009

Work-cation in Minneapolis

Thanks to a business trip in Minneapolis, Izzy, Truman and I got to spend a lovely week in Minneapolis, staying with old friends and their daughter (who is almost exactly Izzy's age) and seeing several other much-beloved friends from Minnesota, who definitely top my "What I Miss About the Twin Cities" list. Truman and I also spent several lovely mornings running around Lake Nokomis and Lake Hiawatha in the beautiful, cool Minnesota weather (my husband would disagree, but I always loved the Minnesota summer weather--just don't get me started on the winters!).

Despite one of the worst travel days ever (actually, two of them eventually), the high (or low) point of which was me ending up in the Charlotte airport with no money, no ID, no luggage, two tired little kids, and no flights back to DC (US Airways did give me a place to stay and--woo hoo!--$10 in food money...grrr), it was still a great trip. Truman was in the midst of girl heaven, but he took it in stride. Here are a couple of videos to give you a flavor of the entertainment available during the trip.

There has been some talk since our return of running away to Uncle Chris's house (clearly, Uncle Chris was a hit!), if only his house were not in the sky (air travel seems to still be a bit of a mystery to Izzy).

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  1. But the best part is that they are wearing each other's nightgowns! It really was a weeklong slumber party for these girls. Come back anytime...just stay outta Charlotte!