Saturday, August 23, 2008

One year already?!?

Last week, we celebrated Truman's first birthday. It's amazing to me that it's been a whole year. We constantly marvel at how grown up he seems, though, for just a year. He walks like a pro (runs most of the time, in fact), says a handful of words...and most amazing of all to us, when he got his brand new ride-on firetruck toy from Papa, he knew just what to do. In fact, he tried to climb on while it was still in the box! I guess it does pay to be third in some ways--he's just desperate to be like his big sisters. I will try to keep reminding him of that when he complains about all of the pink hand-me-downs!
Kate has returned from her month of sleep-away camp, and she seems to have tried absolutely everything this year. I'm especially proud that she did so much sailing and ocean kayaking! I want to go along next year, but I don't think she'd let me.

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  1. My brother did have to wear my pink handmedowns - most notably the thermal PJs, immortalized in back-to-back Christmas pictures. One year I am wearing them and hugging my Barbie Dream House box. Next year her is wearing them and hugging a Hot Wheels race track.

    No worries, Truman, my brother suffered no lasting damage.