Saturday, August 2, 2008

A start...

So here it is...hopefully better attended to than all of those journals I have begun over the past 30+ years. Lots of books with a few filled-in pages and lots and lots of blank space.

In order to stick with it, I will try to remember that today I was inspired, even though a blog had not really been in my plans, by three women I admire greatly: two of my oldest friends and my mother. Yesterday, I talked with Cara and Merie, who both mentioned blogs--Cara as a goal she had set for herself and had yet to accomplish this summer and Merie as a prolific, organized and inspired blogger whose blog I had failed to pay attention to (shame on me!).

So today, I read Merie's blog a bit and saw what a wonderful gift she was giving to her daughter and to her family, and I also thought of my friend Emily and the gift of her blog that she gives to her children and her friends and I was especially touched by it, since today is the one-year anniversary of my mother's death--much, much too soon and in the midst of a full and happy life.

Since my mother's death, my wonderful stepdad has been carting over carload after carload of amazing things my mother left behind--photos, albums, baby books, a wedding album, her grandmother book that she left behind for my daughter. She could never have expected that she would not see 70, yet she documented everything in real time, letting us all in on who she was from her 20s until her 60s. When I showed my Aunt Mary Jane my mom's wedding album, she was struck by the attention my mother gave these milestones and commented in her quiet way that my mother was "quite the documentarian."

I am lucky for that and though I'm a more scattered and frenetic soul than my mother was, I want to do what I can to give that to my children--my two beautiful girls, Kate and Izi (who are 10 and 2.5), and my little boy, Truman, who is almost one.

So Mom, this one's for you. I'll do my best to make it worth reading.


  1. Oh my dear, sweet friend - such a lovely first post on such a sad day. I was thinking of you on Saturday as I flew through the air, and am fairly convinced that your mom (my "other mother") was watching out for me as my plane pitched and bucked its way across the Atlantic on Saturday night. I wish she were still here for so many reasons. I am excited to read your musings as the time passes, as you know I am a fan of your writing. :-) xoxo!

  2. You undersell yourself a bit, as you are already leaving your sweet kids quite a legacy in your beautiful poems - but I am also happy to see you here, in this less formal, illustratable, more immediate forum!

    How I love to read your writing. I've been thinking about Carol Ann, too - Cora just used one of the bibs she x-stitched the other day.

  3. Tricia,

    What a wonderful gift for my grandchildren and tribute to my one true love and soul mate forever!

    Thanks and love,


  4. I am so glad that you decided to do this..and now that I have been on vacation for a week (and without internet or work) my mind a slightly more clear and less cluttered. I love the blog and you are a gifted writer.. The post made me cry...I have been thinking about how you really need to start a blog. One of my goals for this vacation is to start blogging on a personal level again and I am hoping to to post about our month long trip which has thus far been awesome.. I can't wait for more posts... THanks for sharing..

  5. Hi Tricia,

    I am having trouble getting in here but Here I go again. Don't you laugh. I love your blog. I have been missing your Mom a lot lately. I missed her so badly a few weeks ago that I emailed my Sister and my best friend growing up. I told them that even though I do not keep in touch as much as I should that they are always on my mind. Well they thought I was overly depressed since I am always so up. Anyway they understand now as I had told them I was just missing my best friend Carol Ann. Dick is coming down soon and we are looking forward to his visit. I really hope this gets to you as I think of you Carroll and the children often.

    Thinking of you, Ann and Don too!