Monday, November 10, 2008

Alas, completely housebound again...

This last week, we attempted to go out to dinner--all of us. Now, we weren't going to Galileo or even Equinox. Just to The Diner, which we like especially because it boasts a short stack, a kids' menu, and a full bar. I mean, who can beat that when you have little kids?

Anyway, Carroll arrived well in advance and ordered for all of us, so when the kids and I arrived, all we had to do was sit down and eat. This, sadly, was too much to expect. Truman is this crazy combination of incredibly little, ridiculously strong, crazily determined, and completely out of control. Within minutes, he had wriggled out of the restraints on his high chair and was standing up reaching for EVERYTHING. Before we knew it, there was food all over the floor and he was going for the ketchup, sugar packets, silverware, you name it. We ended up with a few drinks spilled everywhere and a significant portion of Kate's blueberry syrup from her pancakes all over Kate's clothes, Truman's hair, the high chair and the floor. All the while, Truman was screeching delightedly and the people next to us were wishing they'd decided to stay home.

When we left the parking garage, we were shocked to find that we had been there less than an hour. In fact, it was only about 40 minutes. I believe we may have discovered some sort of time warp. So anyway, if you want to see us anytime in the next 12-18 months, you're gonna have to come to our house.


  1. Unfortunately, we are all too aware of this scenario. Happens pretty much every time we go out to eat. Not to self: stick to Red Robin or IHOP! I love reading your blog. It's been so long since I 've chatted with you so I can at least keep tabs on you through your blog. Take care! ~Claudia

  2. I'm absolutely out of sync with your 3, three, 3, children. Oh my. I better make sure that I come and visit the next time in DC. Where does the time go? Kate is 10? Holy wow.