Monday, November 3, 2008

Time Shift and Halloween

In case anyone is wondering, my children are NOT on board with the change in time. This is why, after a great deal of cajoling, rocking, and fetching of milk, I found myself showered, dressed and in front of the computer with two children in tow at 6:01 am. Ah, well, I guess I'll try to consider this a "Glass 1/8 Full" situation and take that extra hour I'm supposed to have today to get a few things done.

One of those things that needs doing, of course, is updating this space (thanks for the prodding, Merie ;> ). Of course, I know that when I'm told, "You need to update your blog," it really means, "I want to see pictures of the kids." Unfortunately, the camera battery was out of juice and so updating the blog meant: 1) locating the camera battery charger; 2) charging up the battery; 3) uploading the pictures; 4) picking some to include; and 5) actually putting the post together. Just so you appreciate what went into this effort in the pre-dawn haze here at my house. (And we wonder why the chief comment on Kate's mid-semester progress report is, "Kate struggles with organization and if she masters that, she will be very successful." Well, wouldn't we all!

At any rate, we had a lovely Halloween that seemed to go on and on, which is fine with me, since it makes it worth the effort to actually come up with costumes. Unfortunately, we did not manage to capture for posterity Carroll's costume from the party we went to on Saturday night. He safety-pinned toys, baby dolls and stuffed cats to himself and went as our living room. The funniest part was that our neighbor immediately knew what he was!


  1. I was searching through blogs and found yours. I am totally with you on the whole time thing. I guess everyone else in country got an EXTRA hour of sleep. Not me! My 9 month old likes to wake up at 5:30 a.m. No matter what we do we can not get her to sleep later. Well, yesterday she woke up at 4:30! NOT cool! This morning it was 5:00. All I know is that whoever make up Daylight Savings Time did not have kids! Cute blog and kids.

  2. "You need to update your blog" really means "hey - I want to know what's going on over there!" :) Love the costumes, can't believe Truman is so big.

    Here's to mastering organization!

    (p.s. my word for word verification is IMBELIN - isn't that a medication of some sort? If not, should be.)

  3. This is why I just can't seem to get the whole blogging thing together. We all know that a master of organization I am not. :-) Thanks for the update AND the pics. The time change has sucked for us as well, but this morning it meant that we all got to sit around a color for a while, which is usually unheard of on a school day. xoxo!

  4. ...sit around AND color, even. I am picturing us all sitting in a circle on the living room floor around "orange" and giggling...